The Importance of Security Within the Workplace


Usually thoughts about security and information breaches within the workplace aren’t given a second thought. When we think about theft or security breaches, we usually picture it on a large scale, but this is usually not the case. These things can happen on a daily basis, especially if quite a lot of people work in the same office. For this reason, it’s important to keep data secure at all times.

Perhaps the most common mistake among the workforce is writing down important passwords on notepads and letting anyone who walks through that office to see it. Modern passwords require quite a bit of though – it can’t just be your name like the old days. This makes it very difficult to remember these passwords.

If you find yourself in that same scenario, you may want to write the passwords down in a computer program and then save it with your own simpler password. Be sure this password is something you’ll remember though.

It can also be a common practice to leave important papers on our desks, even if we’re leaving for the day. This can cause a significant security threat, as some employees may be tempted to look at them or take them. Locking these papers up in a secure drawer will greatly reduce that chance.

If for some reason you do not have this type of locked drawer available, simply ask your boss for an area to secure your papers each night. Usually, they will have no problem providing this for you.

If you’re away from your desk, always ensure you have a lock on the computer. This will require a password entered, and should always be done if you’re not at the desk yourself.

Unlocked computers can be a very serious security risk, as files or programs of confidential importance could be downloaded or deleted. Even if there aren’t any files you don’t need to worry about, a co-worker could send an inappropriate email to the rest of the office on your behalf.

Lastly, if you use a shared printer in your workplace, make sure you pick the papers up immediately after printing. Someone may pick them up on purpose, or even by accident, and this could lead to a great issue down the road.


Source by Frank Carlo